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This is a picture of part of the  house in Crete -
Can't really remember exactly how I came to be
getting this site together! Probably "idle hands

I've been retired for a few years now but still
maintain connections with my old industry -
finance and leasing. With many contacts at hand I
can place leasing business for most types of
equipment from photocopiers to earth moving kit.

We  live in what used to be called Sunny Devon
-can't think why! However, it's certainly a beautiful
part of the country and I'm grateful to be here. I take
advantage of the water to scull now and then  and
we have a small boat to wander about the estuary
and coast. We had a small house in Crete until
earlier this year. Our dog, Skili, comes from Crete. We
found him when he was a puppy tangled up in a
bush. He adopted us kind of, and we wouldn't be
without him. He generally travelled to and from  
with us to Crete  each year. The pet Travel Scheme
and pet passports make this much easier nowadays.

I'm not a big fan of the social networking sites but
would be pleased to hear from anyone from my "not
unclolourful" past! Just fire off an email and I'll be
sure to get back to you for a chat.
Look at the pictures if you're interested and if I can
help with info on Crete I will be pleased to do so.
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